Monday 25 January 2010

15mm Gatling Walker Arrives And Brings Platoon Up To Full Strength

Just about finished painting my latest Critical Mass Games walker, the one I mentioned on my Sunday posting. I couldn't resist banging some photos off this evening, even though the lighting conditions do leave a lot to be desired.

This is my most heavily modified Walker to date.
1. Both main guns have been replaced with spare twin mounted gatlings.
2. Both gatlings are fully elevatable thanks to being fitted with Rare Earth Magnets.
3. The torso is twistable, magnets have been fitted between that and the hips.
4. The chin mounted gatling can swivel, as that too has been fitted with a magnet.
5. A GZG missile launcher has been installed on a fixed mount direct to the body.



Painting pretty much as described in my previous posting regarding the Walkers, with the exception that the legs were given a Citadel Gryphonne Sepia Wash.

Just working on a script for another Stop Motion Movie.... :)


John Bear Ross said...

That's a great mod. It's actually one of the roles I envisioned when I sculpted the thing up. A "carnivore" walker, pure meat-eater.

Good Job.


Vulture said...

Hi John
You did a great job with those. Quite simply they are the best Walkers available to the 15mm Sci-Fi fan.
Kind regards