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Battlegroup NORTHAG - INDEX + ERRATA FAQ & HOUSE RULES + Other Files & Interesting Links

For its Cold War period gaming, my gaming group has shifted from using the Battlefront 'Team Yankee' rules to using the 'Battlegroup NORTHAG' rules published by the Plastic Soldier Company (PSC).  On balance we prefer them to Team Yankee as they are more armour focused.

Below is a listing of files, some of which I have created, and some of which I have downloaded off the Battlegroup NorthAG Facebook group.  I hope you find them useful/interesting :) 
(The relevant authors permission has been obtained)

I have created a Dropbox Folder (Link) from where the files can be downloaded.

Latest files added are:  No 63 Dutch Unit cards and No 72 AAR Counter Penetration



01)  Official - Quick Reference Sheet.

01a)  Unofficial - Quick Reference Sheet - Printer Friendly  (Daniel William Lee)

02)  Official - Latest NorthAG Errata - (currently at v7)  (by Mark Greenwald)

03)  Official - Errata for the CentAG book, the missing column on page 66. 

04)  Unofficial - NorthAG Index - (currently at v19)   (by Ian Garbutt)

05)  Unofficial - Supplemental Quick Reference Sheet - (currently at v1-2) (by Ian Garbutt)

06)  Unofficial - Battle Quick Starter Sheet   (by Ewan Clerk)

07)  Unofficial - FAQ & House Rules - (currently at v3-0)  (by Ian Garbutt)

08)  YouTube video - Overview of the rules by Cold War Warrior - Link

09)  YouTube video - The Future of Battlegroup NorthAG - Link



30)  Unofficial - Introductory Scenarios (three of them) - (currently at v2-0) by Tom Egan

31)  Unofficial - Mini-Campaign - 'Across The Elbe' by Chris Hersey - (currently at v1) 

32)  Unofficial - Mini-Campaign - 'The Guttenburg Crack'  (currently work in progress, yet to be uploaded)  (by Ian Garbutt)

33)  Unofficial - Scenario - 'Exploitation' - (currently at v1-7 and still being refined)   (by Ian Garbutt)

34)  Unofficial - Scenario - 'Bridgehead Breakout'  (currently at v1-1)  (by Terry Ollila)   



50)  Unofficial - WARPAC Unit Cards - (currently at v6)  (by Ian Garbutt)   

51)  Unofficial - USA Unit Cards - (currently at v11)  (by Ian Garbutt)

52)  Unofficial - Canadian Unit Cards - (currently at v2-1)  (by Ian Garbutt)

53)  Unofficial - Swedish Army List - (currently at v2-8)  (by Ian Garbutt)

54)  Unofficial - Swedish Unit Cards - (currently at v1-7)  (by Ian Garbutt) 

55)  Unofficial - British Unit Cards - (currently at v1-1)  (by Ian Garbutt)

56)  Unofficial - Arab-Israeli 1967 Supplement by Gord Dyck.
(Waiting on the authors' permission to upload)

57)  Unofficial - 1967 Arab Unit Cards by Gord Dyck.
(Waiting on the authors' permission to upload)

58)  Unofficial - 1967 Israeli Unit Cards by Gord Dyck.
(Waiting on the authors' permission to upload)

59)  Unofficial - NVA (East German) Unit Cards - (currently at v3  (By Ian Garbutt)

60)  Unofficial - French Army List -  (currently at v1-7)  (by Ian Garbutt and Mark Pullan)  

61)  Unofficial - French Unit Cards -  (currently at v1-7)  (by Ian Garbutt)  

62)  Unofficial - Listing of WARPAC Armour -  (currently at v9-2)   (by Ian Garbutt)

63)  Unofficial - Dutch Unit Cards - (currently at v1-1)  (by Ian Garbutt)

Please note due to copyright issues I have been asked to password protect the Army Listing and Unit Cards I have done.  Look on Page 1 of the NorthAG book, the first word in the body of the txt, copy it exactly.

64)   Unofficial - Army Builder - (currently at v2-3) by Chriss Pagan
Notes by the author:  
The password is the first word from page 2 Northag + first word from the second page CentAG.
So the password is h.......+t......
The makro is to be able to expand the groups.
If you don't want to allow it you can remove the protection from the work sheet.



70)   AAR - 'The Crossing' by Roger Kidd.

71)   AAR -  BadLucken, West Germany, 1983.  (YouTube - Video - Link)

72)   AAR - 'Counter-Penetration' by Roger Kidd


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