Wednesday, 19 July 2023


For its Cold War period gaming, my gaming group has shifted from using the Battlefront 'Team Yankee' rules to using the 'Battlegroup NORTHAG' rules published by the Plastic Soldier Company.   On balance we prefer them to Team Yankee as they are more armour focused.

A serious frustration we have found however with the NORTHAG rules is the lack of an official Index, soooo.... I decided to write my own unofficial one.   

In addition there is no FAQ document which is serious omission.  In order to rectify that I pulled one together with the help of friends and other enthusiasts of the rules.

I have created a Dropbox Folder (Link) and within that you can find:

1)   Latest Official NORTHAG Errata - (currently at v6)

2)   Unofficial NORTHAG Index - (currently at v9)   

3)   Unofficial - House Rules & Clarifications - (currently at v1-6)

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