Sunday 6 March 2011

TMP - New 15mm Sci-Fi Message Board

On The Miniatures Page (TMP) a new message board has been created for those interested specifically in 15mm Sc-Fi gaming. Link


BigLee said...

Thanks for alerting us to that. There seems to be so much activity lately related to the creation of new boards, removal of old one and Polls about potential one that real news seems to get lost on the site.

Eli Arndt said...

I personally do not think that the new board really serves any real purpose. I didn't even know about the poll and so did not participate.

I am curious how many of the supporters of the 15mm board were actually folks who were tired of seeing all the scifi boards getting clogged by 15mm.

There are some problems with 15mm having its own board such as the spreading out of information that mighth ave cross-scale appeal and the need for more crossposting across the boards to make sure that your idea, product review or other topic gets seen by all those who might be interested.


Kaiser said...

Well, missing the poll was no big deal, since Ed was only looking for 30 voters for it, regardless of those opposed.

I share Eli's sentiments that the majority of the supporters were just hoping to shunt 15mm sci-fi discussion into the kitchen where it wouldn't be seen. Now I have to look at yet another board if I want to view interesting sci-fi posts... not wonderful.

Vulture said...

I've mixed feelings myself over this. On the one hand, if I want to see just 15mm general dsicussion, in theory I just need to look in one spot. On the other hand, very rarely does that actually happen ! I get inspired and interested by 28mm just as much. A bit of a retrograde move IMHO. Oppss, and yes, yet another board to surf through...