Monday 4 May 2009

15mm Terrain

I've been working on some terrain these last couple of days, in between family stuff and playing Company Of Heroes with my son (a totally brilliant computer game). Here's a couple of sci-fi /modern 15mm buildings that I made by using some surplus plastic boxes (that came with 1/72nd scale dragon armour vehicles I recently bought), spraying them gray, and then sticking some paper terrain pictures on the sides and top. I sourced the pictures from the Beamstrike Forum (thanks Neil).




Wes said...

Very cool idea. I have gigs of paper terrain that I have not the time to build. This will make them come to light.


Vulture said...

I plan to buy some of the building accessories that GZG do to enhance them a bit :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Ian, glad they were useful, they look very effective too,i must say. The original ones i made a year ago seem to be wearing well and are still very useable.
Neil (Supranomicon 1969)

Jongo said...

They look good. You know you are a true wargamer when you are at work or shopping and see a box or piece of packing, and think "that would come in useful for..." or "that would make a great..."