Friday 15 January 2021

Stranger Shapes - Alien(s) Film Blog


If you are a fan of the Alien series of films then this is a fascinating site to visit with all sports of info and interviews logged that people involved in the film have given - highly recommended !  Link

HQ Tiger II with Cutaway Hull and Turret Walkaround

A interesting look round this sectioned King Tiger.

Miniature Wargaming On-line. A Beginner's Guide

Quite a interesting discussion about gaming on-line in this u-Tube video.  I know all three guys and in fact John is one of my regular gaming friends in the Harrogate Wargames Club.  When we went into 2nd lockdown/tiering episode here in the UK in the autumn of 2020 I decided to run a few of my own-online games after speaking with John and also hearing how successful/enjoyable his were.  To date I've run 6 x Necromunda games, 1 x What A Tanker in 10mm, 1 x Dragon Rampant game in 10mm and one game of the new recently released Aliens Board game.  All have worked reasonably well with the exception of the Aliens game.  I've kept wanting to do some write ups of the games for this Blog, but lack of available time is a problem for me at the moment.  The thought of taking early retirement so I can spend more time on my gaming hobby is quite attractive...

Saturday 9 January 2021

The Heretic short film | Unity

Definitely worth a watch :)