Sunday 25 November 2018

Team Yankee Review

There is quite a fair review of the Battlefront Flames of War Team Yankee rules on the Boardgame geek site by a guy called Matt  Link 

Saturday 24 November 2018

King Tiger at Militracks 2018

Some fantastic footage here of the French Kingtiger at Militracks  2018.

Team Yankee - Musings

Well I've been lazy and haven't posted must this year but I've still been getting plenty gaming in.  Of recent as I mentioned in my posting on 29th September I've been sucked into playing Flames of War Team Yankee with the rest of my group.  I've been and invested in some Swedish tanks from Minifigs.  There is a real shortage of Swedish unique vehicles so I'm having to substitute a few other suitable types instead.  I've contacted Butlers Miniatures to see if he can produce any, but he seems to have a huge wish list of other vehicles to worth through at the moment.

Anyway here are a few photos from recent games since I last posted :)

French AMX tanks.

 My Swedish S Tanks on the prowl :)

My Swedish IKV-91 Tank Destroys moving at speed down the edge of the battlefield. 

Dutch Leopard IIs conduct some long range fire against an East German unit.

Swedish BpvV302 Command APC hangs out in the town whilst the HQ observe the battle from the top of the building to their right.