Saturday 27 May 2023


 At my local club I've been running a 3 round min-campaign using the Dragon Rampant rules called, 'Escape To The South'.  If idea interest you download the blank campaign document here.

There is also an accompanying Extra Magic Items document as well, which come into play in Round 3. 

The HWC House rule document referenced in the campaign doc is available from a link in this posting. Link

In our campaign which has 14 players in it, we are coming to the end of round 2.  The forces of 'The Black Horde' have had some success and currently leading the forces of The Greater Empire Coalition' 111 glory points to 66.

If you have any questions I'll be happy to answer them.

Saturday 20 May 2023

Battletech - Modified Layout Mech Record Sheets

If you are a classic Battletech gamer I would encourage you to have a look at the custom Mech Record Sheets made by Kieran Vincent Rowley.   

This is the posting he put on the relevant Facebook page which I am repeating here in full:

"So for whatever reason, I post these almost entirely on Reddit, but since I'm almost done with all 3025 variants of all currently-released CGL Box Sets and ForcePacks, I feel like I should really try to get the word out in other places!

I make these! (If you've seen em on Reddit, that's me! I'm the guy)  I use them, I love them, and yes I do take requests.  I've done over 200 that are all available at this link!

Quick edit: As with any tabletop-game element, conjecture isn't useful feedback.  If you've used it at the table and had a negative experience, let me know what went wrong!  But so far absolutely no-one who has actually used these has had any complaints, and indeed, most (like myself) find them to be much EASIER and faster to use than the official sheets, as well as making the game *feel* less like filling out paperwork.  I made them to be functional and intuitive in ways that I found the official sheets were lacking. As I said, conjecture is not feedback - playtesting is what matters.

Some variants (especially Royal SLDF versions, but sometimes others) have an additional retro art version, with either the original (sadly uncredited) Macross art or early TRO art from Duane Loose or Dana Knutson.  All known artists have been credited, although some remain unknown (Harri Kallio SIGN YER STUFF man! I think half my missing artists are you!), and I own NONE of this, all credit to Catalyst Game Labs and the respective artists and designers.  About the only thing I created here besides the format is the Clanbusters logo, which anyone may use at their own discretion."