Saturday 27 May 2023


 At my local club I've been running a 3 round min-campaign using the Dragon Rampant rules called, 'Escape To The South'.  If idea interest you download the blank campaign document here.

There is also an accompanying Extra Magic Items document as well, which come into play in Round 3. 

The HWC House rule document referenced in the campaign doc is available from a link in this posting. Link

In our campaign which has 14 players in it, we are coming to the end of round 2.  The forces of 'The Black Horde' have had some success and currently leading the forces of The Greater Empire Coalition' 111 glory points to 66.

If you have any questions I'll be happy to answer them.

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Dave said...

Good day!
I figured I'd ask you this DR question, as I appreciate the effort you and your club have gone to to document your house rules and clarifications - and since unfortunately the author doesn't seem to support the product on the forum anymore...

Anyway, this came up in a LOTR Campaign we're playing using DR. In the campaign rules, I made up an Uruk-hai unit as a Heavy Foot unit that among other things I gave missiles (not an option in the RAW). I used the stats from the Elite Foot Missile option (i.e. Range 18"). In the game we were playing, there were several Light Foot with Mixed Weapons units, which in the RAW gives them a shooting ability with a range of 12".

In the DR rules on page 31, it states:
Different missiles are effective up to different distances. Maximum missile ranges in Dragon Rampant are:
• Foot Missiles: 18"
• Scouts, Mounted Missiles, Weighty Projectiles: 12"
• Short Range Missiles: 6"

We're wondering if the Light Foot missile range of 12" is an error/typo?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts,