Thursday 23 December 2010

Wednesday 22 December 2010

Gaunt's Ghosts

Whilst laid low with a heavy cold/(man)flu these last five days, I took the time to finish off a (average) novel about Alexander the Great and then make a start on a large stack of Warhammer 40k novels that my brother-in-law has kindly lent me. The first one I selected was 'The Founding' by Dan Abnett, which is all about a unit called 'Gaunt's Ghosts'. If you like sci-fi combat novels I can't recommend this enough. Great characters, tremendous vision and attention to detail and good stories make this a real "don't want to put the book down even though its 1:30 in the morning" experience. I'm only half way through the book but can't wait to see what happens next, and then get stuck into the two follow on books, 'The Saint', and 'The Lost'

Tuesday 21 December 2010

German WWII Propaganda film

Found this propoganda film on U-Tube. There are some fascinating clips of some very rare vehicles like the Sdkfz 251/21 - Flakpanzerwagen with the triple 15mm Drilling MG151 AA Mgs. Also of note are the number of Panzerschreks being carried by the Infantry platoon at the end.


Wednesday 15 December 2010

Last trip for one of Britain's iconic aircraft

A very sad day...
Harrier jump jets flown by the RAF and Royal Navy have taken part in their last operational flights.

The aircraft is regarded as one of Britain's greatest military innovations, but the jets are being retired early as part of Ministry of Defence spending cuts.

A 16-strong fleet took off from RAF Cottesmore in Rutland on today's farewell journey to several other air-force bases before returning home.

BBC Link
Daily Mail (some nice photos) Link

Tuesday 14 December 2010

Farewell To The Harrier

For those in the UK who live near any of the bases named below, this is a last opportunity to see the Harrier flying with a flypast of 16 aircraft in diamond formation.
RAF Cottesmore 1300 – 1310 hrs – Depart and form diamond
RAF Marham 1318 hrs
RAF Wyton 1322 hrs
RAF Wittering 1326 hrs
Stamford 1327 hrs
RAF Cranwell 1401 hrs
RAF Waddington 1402 hrs
RAF Scampton 1404 hrs
RAF Coningsby 1411 hrs
RAF Cottesmore 1415 hrs
Oakham 1416 hrs
RAF Cottesmore 1420 hrs – Recover and land
Nothing feels good about the decision to retire this very capable aircraft early. I suppose it is a reflection of how bad the countries finances are in. Must confess I'm gutted.

Monday 13 December 2010

Nebelwerfer Rocket Launchers In Action

Stumbled across this excellent little video on U-Tube of Panzerwerfer Nebelwerfer Rocket Launchers in action. You wouldn't have wanted to be close to one of them when firing off, or on the receiving end of the rockets for that matter !