Saturday 15 February 2020


I have a great affection for the Beamstrike sci-fi rules (which I contributed to).  They are described as:  "Beamstrike', a free, open source miniatures wargame developed for 15mm Science fiction figures. Inspired by 'Imperial Commander', Beamstrike rules are comprehensive, yet fast moving, there are ample examples of weapon systems, vehicles and equipment. You can use the background universe provided, yet the rules are generic enough to be used in your favourite science fiction setting."

Sadly with the demise of the Yahoo groups and the disappearance of the wed page that the author Neil Copper used to have, it is now difficult to locate all the supplements that were created.  I have decided to remedy that by uploading all the Beamstrike files into dropbox so they are downloadable :)
#1   Core Rules - version 1.22 - author Neil Cooper.
#2   Quick Reference Sheet - version 1-2
#3   Alien Supplement - version 1.2 - authors  Neil Cooper and Din Clarke,. 
#4   Imperial Era Supplement No 1 - author Neil Cooper.
#5   Star Wars Conversion - author Neil Cooper.
#6   Urban War  (draft version) - author Neil Cooper.
#7   Counters & Templates.
#8   Turn Monitor Sheet.
#9   Army Record Sheet.
#10  Visual Record 1.

If you are looking for an alternative set of 15mm Sci-Fi rules, Fubar Sci-Fi Expanded are worth a try, they are currently my rule set of choice.


Ran said...

Thank You... will try it out... greetings....

Calico said...

Thank you very much for these!