Saturday 27 August 2016

Dragon Rampant - Harrogate Wargames Club - House Rules

You know what it's like; you have several games using a rule system.  Not all the situations you might want/need covered are in there, so you agree with your friends an approach to take.  You then leave the system for a few weeks and when you go back to it, there is confusion over what was and wasn't agreed...  This is what my gaming group had with Dragon Rampant a few weeks back.

The simple way forward is of course to write down this stuff down, so I resolved to put pen to paper and write up a set of 'House Rules' that we could all agree on.

My efforts can be downloaded at this link (currently at version 8-4-0), and reflect our collective thinking after playing some 75+ games.  (note, the latest version can always been found here)

If you have any questions or suggestions for improvements, feel free to post them here :) 



bluespixie said...

Thank you for posting these, I look forward to trying them out.

Vulture said...

If you have any suggestions for extra bits to include, please let me know :)