Monday 9 February 2009

Yikes ! It's A Long Time Since I Up Dated This Blog !

Having not doing anything with my Blog for over a year, after reading Marks Dropship Horizon blog, I'm inspired to continue with mine.

So what I have been up to since Nov 2007. Well I've bought a bunch more 15mm sci-fi figures, mainly GZG, but some Old Crow as well. I've done some more on a Sci-Fi novel I started (more of that in later posting I think). Taken lots of photos. In fact my webshots photosharing website is bursting at the seams with all manner of wargaming / military photos, and a quite astonishing number of views (23,299) have taken place to date. I've tried embedding a slide show from the site within this blog, but irritatingly, without success.

I've also done several stop-motion movies using my wargaming figures and have plans afoot to do several more.

Here's the first movie I did:


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