Sunday, 24 April 2016

Raining Humvees! Military vehicles plummet in failed US airdrop drill


Comment:  Opppsssss, someone's in for a bollocking over that !


Don M said...

Some rigger is in allot of trouble! Seen that happen once on a helicopter lift of
a 105mm howitzer, it was supposed to rigged with four 10,000lbs sling legs, into a
25,000lb clevis then a 25,000lb sling leg. Well he did it right except that he substituted a 10,000 sling leg after the 25,000lb clevis.....Actually flew for a bit, then snap right down on an old lava field on the big island of Hawaii. There
were just pieces of gun and ammo all over.

commissarmoody said...

Not a failed drop at all, Every thing hit the ground!
But yeah once while on DZ duty I also watched a 105 howitzer lawn dart Sicily drop zone.
And did a night time mash attack where two of those trucks burned in. They called the jump halfway because the DZ was on fire. Of course I had already jumped over the flames. Good times! :D

Vulture said...

Thanks for sharing your experiences, they made me smile :)
Keep well :)