Sunday, 24 April 2016

“Landwasters and Raven Feeders”: Official rules for Lion Rampant in the Dark Ages

Back in issue 331 (May 2015) of Wargames Illustrated magazine, Dan Mersey looked at how to raise a Warband (which seems a more suitable title for this period than the medieval ‘Retinue’; your Leader is restyled as your Warlord) for your preferred Dark Ages nation using the Lion Rampant rules, and added a list of Boasts more suited to the Dark Ages.
As that issue now seems almost impossible to find, Dan has added an article to his web site about it:  Link.
An intereting new feature and one that could be used be adapted to use in Dragon Rampant as well is:

New Upgrade: Holy Men & Banners

‘Holy Men & Banners’ special characters
  • Available to: Any unit except for Skirmishers or Villagers; units containing your Leader may not take this upgrade.
  • Cost: 1 point per unit.
  • Maximum of 1 special character per unit.
  • Special characters may not transfer between units.
  • Replace one ordinary model in the unit with a special character. This special character moves, fights, and acts in all ways like any other model in the unit.
  • Units with a special character gain +1 to all Courage tests (in the same way as, and in addition to, being within 12” of their Leader – see page 11 of the rulebook).
  • Test for the death of special characters in the same way as Leader Lucky Blows.
  • A player killing an opposing unit’s special character gains +1 Glory.

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