Monday, 4 January 2010

Last Day Of The Holiday

It was my sons' last day of his X-Mas holiday break, so I arranged to have the day off as well. We've had a day full of wargaming goodness :) Firstly I dug out of my garage over 30 square feet of ready made 1/300th terrain that an old friend of mine (Steve Hammond) very generously passed onto to me at X-Mas; and then proceeded to lay out 25 sq ft of it on the floor in the spare bedroom. We pulled out of the attic some of my Battlemech collection and we had a couple of entertaining hours battling with them on the terrain.
2010-01-04 ~ S2DSCF1430
After lunch on the orders of Mrs Vulture the two of us took a car full of rubbish to the council run tip / recycling centre. Whilst there I was astonished to see by one of the skips, a box of Warhammer 40k Terminators.
2010-01-04 ~ S2DSCF1434
I spoke to the attendance who said if I wanted them I could have them :) Five what were previously unmade Terminators are now as of this evening assembled uncoated and ready for painting :) To add to the new figures in our collection, today the postman brought the small order of twenty seven 15mm Orcs I had recently ordered from 'The Scene'.
2010-01-04 ~ S2DSCF1437
Fabulous little figures, this photo does not do justice to just how nice they are. Overall a good day here at the Vulture's Roost :) Sadly, back to work tomorrow though :(


Mark said...

You lucky bugger! First nice terrain boards and secondly, the skip diving find - taking stuff from the Cooncil tip is illegal in this part of the world.

Aah the ex-MJ soon to be ex-TheScene Orks. Brilliant miniatures. I had a lucky find of my own at the beginning of the week - a box of MJ Space Marines and Orcs that must have got mislaid during the move - 4 years ago! 80 shiny new Marines and 60 Orcs!


Vulture said...

Nice one Mark ! 60 Orcs eh ? That is quite a little army ! :)