Saturday, 2 January 2010


I missed posting yesterday for a variety of reasons, but even though it's the 2nd now, I'd still like to wish all readers of my blog, a happy safe and prosperous 2010.
Yesterday and today I've been busy working on my new Critical Mass Games tanks. I'll post some details and pictures on how I've been getting on tommorrow.


Kobold said...

Ooh, I'd like to see how you progress the tanks - I have three and am still trying to work out where to start :)

Vulture said...

I got the platoon pack as well. I've swopped one tank with a friend so leaving me two left. I've got both assembled, a MkI and a MkII. Neither are standard, I've left some bits off and added others. The MkI is painted up, and I'm just sorting the base out this morning. Hope to post some photos this evening. I've gone for a 'dirty' look using a wash (a bit like with the Walkers). Overall (I think) I'm content with the result. I'll be interested to see what your opinion is...