Tuesday, 12 January 2010

AFVH10 MkII Heavy Grav Tank (Command Variant)

Here's the second Critical Mass Games tank I've completed, the AFVH10 MkII Heavy Grav Tank. The basic vehicle is identical to the MkI tank I covered on the 3rd Jan but with the additions of two crew men in the turret. I've made a few modifications to personalise it somewhat, as I wanted this vehicle to fill the role of company command tank :)

Like with the MkI I've left off the side turret weapon mounts, although on this occasion I've used the recesses for aerials; I've added a GZG sensor ball, satellite dish, and automatic close in defence robo-turret. A rare-earth magnet helps keep the turret in place (a bit wobbly otherwise).

As before, I wanted to go for a dirty / weather-beaten battlefield look.

The painting / assembly sequence I used was a follows:
1. After assembly, a spray of car primer grey.
2. Figure base painted with Colour Party Paints MA19 'Green'.
3. Entire vehicle painted in a Coat d'arms 233 'Linen'.
4. First camo line of Foundry 33A 'Arctric Grey' added.
5. Second camo line of Citadel 'Catachan Green'.
6. Some recessed areas painted Foundry 39B 'Storm Blue'.
7. Entire model given a Citadel 'Devlan Mud' wash.
8. Very light dry brush using Foundry 33C 'White'.
9. Metal areas, painted 'Black, along with crew visors'.
10. Metal areas lightly brushed with Citadel 'Boltgun Metal'.
11. Figures painted with Citadel 'Catachan Green'.
12. Figures dry-brushed with Citadel 'Rotting Flesh'.
13. Crew visors painted Foundry 22B Vivid Blue'.
14. Crew skin painted with Citadel 'Bronzed Flesh'.
15. Artwork and lettering added.
16. Base gritted.
17. Aerials added.

I really like these models, for a sci-fi tank they are just the ticket.



John Bear Ross said...

Great job on this one, Vulture.


Mark said...

absolutely beautiful Ian. I'm jealous!


John E said...

Looking good.

The picture from the front where the shadow hides the stand looks really good

neil cooper said...

Your best yet Ian, great work.