Friday, 15 January 2010

Beamstrike Stats For Heavy Grav Tank

A friend asked me what stats (from the Beamstrike rules) I'll be using for the recently completed Critical Mass Games Heavy Grav tanks ...

Vehicle Category: Heavy Tank
Armour Front: VH-VA
Armour Side: M-VA
Armour Rear/Top: L-VA
Propulsion: Grav
Crew: 3 (Regular)
Passengers: Nil
Weapon Pintle Mounted: Mk1: Nil
Weapon Pintle Mounted: Mk2: Support Bolter Weapon Turret: Railgun
Auto-Defence: Mk1: AI Turret + 20mm Gatling Cannon
Auto-Defence: Mk2 AI Turret + Rapid Fire Gyrobolter
Sensor 1: MAD
Sensor 2: Mk1: Nil
Sensor 2: Mk2: Sensor Array
Smoke Dispensers: Yes
Shields: AP & AM
Notes: Mk2 has a collapsible Satellite Comms Dish.

Mk1: 175
Mk2: 185


Neil Cooper said...

Thanks for the stats for BS Ian.

Vulture said...