Thursday, 7 February 2013

Vapnartak - Show Report

Last Sunday I attended my local Wargames Show 'Vapnartak' with young son Alex and my old friend John Elwen.  This was my first time attending the show at its current venue at the York Racecourse. Must confess I was pleasantly surprised at the range of traders and games on display.  There was something for everyone, and my wallet took a right bashing.  Alex and  I came away with some Critical Mass factory buildings, a Wings of War aircraft, a second-hand 40k Dreadnought, 40 x 20mm Hoth Snow troopers (great casting) and some 15mm sci-fi infantry.  Time permitting I'll upload some photos of the figs etc as I get them based up.
     Whilst there we joined in a excellent Star Wars participation game run by members of the York Club.  Here's a couple of photos as our X-Wings successfully dodged (most of) the bad guys shooting to deliver a torpedo down the exhaust port !  


A good day out, and we'll definitely be back next year.


Don M said...

Sounds like you had a blast, love to see shots of your loot...)

Vulture said...

Hi Don

I'll try and post some photos tomorrow :)