Friday, 8 February 2013

Operation Loyton

Followed a link to this fascinating  story today.  Worth a read.
Operation Loyton was the codename given to an ill-fated Special Air Service (SAS) mission in the Vosges department of France during the Second World War.
The mission, between 12 August and 9 October 1944, had the misfortune to be parachuted into the Vosges Mountains, at a time when the German Army was reinforcing the area, against General George Patton's Third Army. As a result the Germans quickly became aware of their presence and conducted operations to destroy the SAS team. With their supplies running out and under pressure from the German Army, the SAS were ordered to form smaller groups to return to Allied lines. During the fighting and breakout operations 31 men were captured and later executed by the Germans. Link


Tsold9000 said...

Wow driving through a village shooting up German soldiers,sounds like a scene from a movie.interesting operation. immense wargame potential.

Vulture said...

Exactly what I was thinking ! LOL :)