Sunday, 10 February 2013

15mm Sc-Fi Tank (Ex Leclerc)

A couple of weeks back we visited a local Toy Fair at York Racecourse.  As every on the look out for a bargain, I picked up a Leclerc French MBT in 20mm scale for £ 3.50.

I decided to 'convert' it to a more modern Sci-Fi tank and did a few modifications:

  • 120mm main gun replaced with a Rail Gun.
  • Removed the fuel drums at the back.
  • Removed the commander swivel sight.
  • Addition of two automated  gun systems (trophy like) on either side of the turret.
  • Addition of a light auto-cannon in its own remote turret.
  • Addition of a millimetric radar / ECM dish.  
  • Addition of a spare GZG commander.

I then repainted it in the White/Grey/Black aggressor paint scheme I've used on 8 other vehicles I have. 




Don M said...

very nice!

Gunrunner said...

I like what you've done with this 'un, particularly the rail gun.

Kull said...

Ain't a 20mm LeClerc a bit HUGE for 15mm?

Could show some pictures of your tanks close to 15mm Infantry figures?


Vulture said...


The tank is very slightly on the big side for 15mm, however I'm happy to live with it :)
I've posted two more photos in another posting with some fig by it. The ones one the back are by GZG:;postID=5564460262543693908