Friday, 16 March 2012

Wakefield firm restores WWII Sherman tank

A tank which fought in one of the biggest battles of the Second World War has been restored in Wakefield.  Link



BigLee said...

That's a great story. "The veterans all wanted to climb in and have a drive. These guys are all in their mid- to late 80s!" Lol! I've met plenty of vets like this, its almost like their experience has helped them stay young in spirit, even if their body are now failing them.

Vulture said...

I was out in the truck in just before X-Mas and we stopped by a local garden centre. An oldish guy, who must have been in his early 80s made a bee-line for us straight away, and started talking about how he'd driven this sort of vehicle, and owned a Diamond T just after the war. The wife left us, went off shopping, came back, and I was still there with him. He was on constant transmit mode bless him :) A very interesting chap he was :)