Sunday, 4 March 2012

Battlefront - Flames Of War

Battlefront the publishers of the well know 15mm WW2 rule set Flames of War (FoW), are about issue the latest version of the rules, Edition 3.  They have made the offer that anyone who bought a Hard copy of Edition 2 will be supplied with small A5 copy of Edition 3 if they contact them.  I took them up on this offer and E-Mail ed them a copy of me holding the last edition, and low and behold last Thursday the new little rulebook appeared in the post !  When I say little, at almost 300 pages, its actually quite chunky !  The mind boggles at how much it must be costing Battlefront to give all these books away.  Can you imagine Games Workshop doing anything like this ?  Maximum kudos to Battlefront is what I say !

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Nash said...

Mine arrived on Saturday. This is the full rule book. When they did this with the 2nd edition, the A5 sized book had various rules omitted.