Sunday, 8 November 2009

15mm Walkers Finished !!

Well I've finished the platoon of Critical Mass Games walkers I got a little while ago. I used a painting technique I spotted on the 'From The Warp' blog, which involves the simple technique of basically applying a Games Workshop Devlan Mud Wash over a light grey base. Overall I'm quite pleased with the end result. Here's a couple of photos I took this afternoon with some GZG infantry and a High Tech Grav tank....






David said...

Those Walkers look amazing, as does the scenary and other figures - thanks for sharing.

I gather the upper hulls of the Walkers can traverse? I notice that the red-legged Walker is "looking" in different directions in different shots.

Mark said...

I use that painting technique too Ian - great photos and inspirational pics as always.


Vulture said...

Two of the walkers have fixed hulls, but one as yet I have not glued. Great from the photo point of view, but useless from the wargaming perspective ! LOL What I've done is order some rare earth magnets off E-Bay, and when they arrive I'm going to experiment to see if they will secure the hull satisfactorily.

Vulture said...

Mark it was the photos on your excellent blog that made me look at the walkers and think, I must have those in my army !! :)
Keep up the great work on your blog btw. I drop by every day :)

Tom C said...

Depending on the magnet you got, most should do the trick nicely. The model isn't that big, so it should work perfectly. I plan on doing the same with the CMG Heavy Tanks.

Love your paint scheme.

BigLee said...

They look very very cool. Nice paintjob and excellent pictures.

SketchbookGaming said...

Wow, looks good.

inrepose said...

Very nice looking range of models. Inspiring me to get off my bum and get painting again!