Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Beamstrike Stats For Walkers

Been thinking about how I'd use the newly finished walkers with the Beamstrike rules.
These are the stats that come to mind...
Vehicle Category: Legged Mecha
Front: M-VA
Side: M-VA
Rear: L-VA
Propulsion: Legged
Jump Pack: No
Crew: 2
Passengers: Nil
Weapon - Pintle Mounted: HMG
Weapon - Body: Single or double fit 20mm CPP Auto-Cannon
Weapon - Arms: 1 x Beam Cannon in each.
Auto-Defence: No
Sensor 1: MAD
Sensor 2: Sensor Array (Optional fit)
Smoke Dispensor: No
Shields: Multi-shield (MS)




Kaiser said...

They look lovely, I've been considering using Beamstrike myself.

Vulture said...

Beamstrike is certainly worth checking out. The rule book is quite comprehensive, and the rules themselves are quite straightfoward.