Monday, 31 October 2011

GMC 352 Open Cab Half Doors

The open cab on the truck is great in the summer, however, when the temperature drops it can get pretty cold to say the least. Visibility with the the full canvas doors on is, to say the least, 'poor', so I've opted for a compromise that a few owners have gone for, and made up some half doors using 5mm thick external plywood. The purists might be offended, however there are pictures around of trucks using them in Normandy 1944, so why not ?

Still need to organise some hinges, but I'm hoping to get lucky when I go to Northern Military Expo this coming Sunday.


Don M said...

Seen a guy do something like that, and had plexiglass fold up side windows.

Vulture said...

Ahhhhh, now you have me thinking about how I could improve things further :)