Saturday, 27 August 2011

Poll - Is a Games Workshop Finecast resin figure good value for money at £10 ?

Two days ago I blogged about the new Games Workshop (GW) resin (not plastic as I posted) Finecast figures. I'm not a GW hater, I've bought loads of their figures over the years, but I feel that at £10 per figure these are outrageously overpriced. Anyway, chatting to my old friend John Elwen last night, he mentioned that there was comment about the new resin figures in the GW 2011 Annual Report. So after walking my dog, I went in search on the net, and found the report in question and the commentary, elements of which I reproduce here from Page 4:

"Compared to their metal cousins resin models are far easier to assemble, are lighter and less prone to chipping and are much easier to convert with a hobby knife and superglue. Crucially, resin miniatures provide a much higher level of detail for the customer. The reaction of customers and staff to Citadel Finecast has been overwhelmingly positive."

Personally I'm not convinced by the PR guff in the report. My own experience of resin being that small pieces with fine detail are notoriously brittle and susceptible to damage. Anyway, I have started a Poll which I will leave open for a month.
The exam question is 'Do you think £10 for a GW single Finecast resin figure is good value for money ?'
Please vote, I'm interested to see whether I'm totally out of touch on this one.
Post Poll Note: Thanks to those who voted on the poll I ran. Out of 43 votes, 1 person thought £10 for a figure was good value, 2 were not sure, and 40 thought thought that it was a rip-off !


supranomicon said...

£10 each is very expensive, but there ARE excellent, detailed figures.I would pay that for a single " display" figure, but not to purchase for gaming, as the costs of putting an army together become astonomical!

Matt D said...

I Really Wanted to like the finecast line, but it's trash. ?I don't have any issue with resin itself and it is capable of very fine detail. However the Finecast models are made from the worst excuse for resin I have seen, if it even is resin. I bought 3 models when it relased and not a one of them had a flaw in the casting however the casting material is far to soft. I have the dwarf gyrocopter sitting on a shelf and the rotor blades have drooped quite a bit, it is in my basement which is plenty cool so excessive heat is not even the issue. The casting material reminds me of cheap soft plastic used to make many of the low end pre paint minis.

Noel said...

This medium is a cheaper than metal replacement, but ware it the price drop. GW had this hole story how they released the new finecast on the heals of there normal price hike. Come on!! I know I buy resin models to save money. Also I think the metal is less of a health risk to work with.

Kobold said...

Saw my first Fine Cast figures in a GW store yesterday. At $NZ32 per single figure (when the exchange rate is at the best it has been, ever) for figures that had a lot of resin flash on the add-on bits is nothing but a pure and simple rip-off. Sorry, there is no other way to discribe them.

Theolopodis said...

Here is a link to some pictures of finecast models as bought.

They look like needing a lot of prep.

Vulture said...

Wow, that is some awful casting ! The ones I saw in the shop were 100% better than that it has be said.