Thursday, 25 August 2011

Games Workshop - Unimpressed

Yesterday my son and I visited our local Games Workshop in Peterborough and picked up a Tau Empire Battleforce box set.
It's quite a while since I've been in there, and I must confess I was slightly shocked at the prices they are now charging, and surprised that they have now done away with all the individual blistered metal figures. I thought the single plastic figured blisters that have replaced them were outrageously priced at £10. V unimpressed...


Steve said...

The blisters are not plastic, they're resin... sorry, FinecastTM.

Try Waylands Games online for discounted GW, we don't buy much now due to the silly plastic prices on many items...

Vulture said...

I never spotted that they are resin. The way that they look with the figure and arms and weapons all being on a single spur made me assume they were plastic.
When we are looking for some more bits, I'll certainly check out Wayland Games.
Kind regards

inrepose said...

They are still at the height of there sales curve and popularity. Two of my local clubs have just renewed interest in 40K and Warhammer, with campaigns and new investment in models. I don't like the rules so I don't buy the models but I think despite all the moaning on the web at the moment they are still having success with their price point.

BigLee said...

The internet is the best place to buy if you want a discount. I use it all the time but sometimes nothing beats the hands on experience of visiting a shop. Unfortunately even that guilty pleasure is ruined by the approach I have encountered in most GW outlets.

I'm usually ignored (presumably because I'm over 14) and they often don't have what I want in stock. When I accost the (single) member of staff he looks up what I want on an in store terminal and suggests I buy from their webpage... so I might as well buy from another on-line retailer at 10-20% discount.

This has happened so many times now that I have stopped bothering to go into their stores. Something that would have been unthinkable only 10 years ago.

Vulture said...

You may well be right about people still buying, after all we did when went in the shop, but the lack of value-for-money certainly puts you off a bit. Even my 9 year old son was amazed at what they were charging for some boxes, and what little is in them.

Vulture said...

You are right, best shop around and see what deals you can get, especially if making a big purchase.

Your bit about getting ignored made me chuckle. I tend to find it the other way; over attentive staff disturbing my carma by persisting in trying to engage me in conservation when I've politely made it clear that I'm just interested in browsing.