Saturday, 10 October 2009

Space Hulk - The Novel by Gav Thorpe

Space Hulk - The Novel by Gav Thorpe. Picked up a copy last week in the Peterborough Games Workshop. The action is totally contained within a Hulk and follows two squads as they cleanse the opposition. Although a fan of Space Hulk for years I must confess I haven't been familiar with a lot of the 'fluff' surrounding Blood Angel Terminators; for instance the fact that a Terminator is over 8 foot tall was a surprise to me. What I did love in the novel was the constant references to each other as 'brother' to 'the Angel' and to what are almost prayers the Characters keep coming out with during the action, such as:
"Praise to the Angel for he shall guide my aim".
"In the Angel's eyes we shall know victory"
Not a long book, and I finished it quite quickly, but a good read all the same for fans of Space Hulk, and very reasonably priced at only £ 3.00.

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