Monday, 19 October 2009

Bargain Box Of Figures

A few weeks back there was a Model Railway exhibition down the road in Ramsey, and my son and I dropped in for a look around. Whilst browsing one of the dozen stalls there we came across a lady selling all sorts of things including a box of old 25mm figures for £ 5. Always on the look for a bargain I picked it, and on getting home and counting the contents found it contained 3 cavalry pieces and 63 infantry! All fantasy pieces of varying vintages. Spent the last month basing them up so my son can play small battles with them :)


BigLee said...

Looks like you got a bargain. They have the look of painting 'training models' to me. I recently gathered a load of old models together for my kids to paint. Worth sacrificing to promote another generation of gamer/painters.

Dave Thomas said...

I was hoping I would come across a big box of old oop citadel miniature one day!

Vulture said...

Dave, I'm afraid I found the box first ! LOL :)