Monday, 5 October 2009

50,000 Webshot Viewings & Wings Of War

Bit of a minor milestone to report here, my webshots photo album has now had over 50,000 viewings in three years. Aside from that life splutters along, the weekly grind of having to go to work to pay the bills getting in the way of important activities such as figure painting and gaming in general ! LOL
Bought myself 4 more of the Wings Of War Miniatures, to complement the four I all ready had. Ordered them from a company called Infinity Games, who very efficiently dispatched them the next day. Here's a couple of photos...


Col. Hajj said...

Looks like you are starting to flush out your collection of planes. If you are looking for a good site that is dedicated to Wings of War, check out You will find lots of good stuff there including custom cards, game aides, rules clarifications and previews on upcoming releases. Not to mention that the game's designer, Andrea, often stops by to answer questions or provide insight into the game.

Vulture said...

Must confess I hadn't visited the until you recommended it. V good I thought :)