Thursday, 26 March 2009

'When All Is Quiet' - STOP MOTION MOVIE

Felt inspired for another stop-motion movie just after I finished off painting another GZG vehicle, in this instance a V15-31A Kra'Vak Heavy Grav Tank. I've gone for an arctic camo scheme after seeing an F16 'Aggressor' aircraft painted in these colours.



Black Autumn Productions said...

You fuk`n

Indy said...

Glad to see you've got a Krak tank in your line. Slowly putting together a K'V armored coy myself, but trying to decide what paint scheme to do. Your artic camo looks good, but I think I'm going to try something more glittery and/or metallic, to reflect the different wavelengths the Kraks might see in. {shrug}

Oh, your smoke needs more grey, black and red in it. :-) Otherwise, good show, Kracky, on taking out the armored column! :-D

Mark said...

Funny! I love the camo scheme. What paint colours?


His Excellency said...

Lad your just not right! LOL, nice work as aklways!

kmfrye2001 said...

HI-larious! Truly!

Vulture said...


When you get round to painting yours up, send a couple fo photos and I'll post them here :)

As for the explosions, good point, I'll try and introduce some colour next time :)

Vulture said...


Glad you liked the scheme. Pretty simple to do, just a medium grey, white and black. I liked all the edges in on the grey and white with black, and dry-brushed the raised edges of the white with a black, and then dry brushed the entire vehicle with a GW rotting flesh, followed by very light white dry-brush.

I like the result, so I've decide to do the three 8 wheeled vehicles from GZG in the same camo. I'm on with those this week :)