Monday, 30 March 2009

Unusual Vehicle

A photo of one of the more unusual vehicles in my 15mm sci-fi collection.
Picked the vehicle up on a Bring and Buy stand at a convention many many years ago I think. From what I can gather it is part of the now defunct Zoids range.
ndscf6599 - b&w


Mark said...

Did the Zoid range have 'flying' 'mechanical' bugs? I saw them in Toys R Us and kick myself for not buying them for my own forces.

Vulture said...


I'm not sure. It is so long ago that I got this. Sorry I can't be more helpful.

James Butler said...

Forgive my curiosity, but who makes the infantry model next to that tank? Thanks!

Vulture said...


The figure is currently made by a company called and is from their large range of imperial figures. If you have any hastle finding it, get back to me.