Wednesday, 18 March 2009

PRESS RELEASE - GZG V15-55A - Heavy Grav Tank - Entering Service - STOP MOTION VIDEO

Bloggers Interplanetary Buzzer Service reports that another new vehicle fresh out of the GZG production facilities, the V15-55A Advanced Heavy Grav Tank with High Energy Particle Cannon (HEPC)has been seen undergoing shake-down trials with the 667th (Heavy) Assault Brigade.

Beamstrike Rules Stat Information:

Description: Anti-Grav Heavy Tank.
Vehicle Category: Heavy Tank
Armour - Front: VH-VA
Armour - Side: M-VA
Armour - Rear: VL-VA
Propulsion: Grav
Crew: 3
Weapons - Turret: Beam Cannon.
Auto-Defence: Yes
Sensor 1: MAD
Smoke Dispensers: Yes
Shielding: ES & PS
Points Total: 246


Mark said...

Cool camo scheme!

Will have to pinch!


Anonymous said...

Nice model, well painted as usual- love the stop motion display- GZG should be paying you to promote their stuff!
Thanks for the Stats for BS- will add to my collection.