Saturday, 25 October 2014

Fury Film

Went to see the 'Fury' film on Wednesday for a late night showing at our local 'VUE' cinema here in York.  Took along my brother-in-law Mike and my old friend Chris Jenkins.  We decided to make the most of the experience and booked the luxury seats and chose the high definition screen to watch it on.  First time I've seen a film on that screen, and was impressed with the 4 x higher resolution, everything was a lot sharper. 

As for the film itself, for the military/wargaming enthusiast this film is quite simply a MUST see.  It's not perfect by any means as the ending is bit too Hollywood for my taste, but it gets a good 8.5 out of 10 from me.  Tiger 131 makes a appearance, my only slight criticism on that front is that we didn't see more  of it.  Attention to detail in terms of the kit used is almost second to none, and from that point of view it must rate as one of the best WW2 films made.

Here's a short vid showing some bits with the Tiger in.

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