Friday, 31 October 2014

Bolt Action - Optional Vehicle Observation Rules

To spice our 20mm Bolt Action games up, I have come up with some Vehicle Observation Rules.
They can be downloaded here.

The way to use them is quite straightforward.
1.  In secret work our your army list.
2.  Select a substitute vehicle (and make a note against the army list).
3.  When first placing the vehicle(s) down on the table-top, use the substitute(s) rather then the one you have paid for on the army list.  Only swap the modes over when the enemy correctly identify them.
Here is a picture from a game I played last night at the Harrogate Wargames Club.   It's early on as my vehicles enter the table.  Substituting vehicles, the King Tiger and Jadgtigers are representing Sd kfz 251/22 with Pak 40s, The PIV is actually a Hummel and the Brummbar is playing as itself, after it has just been identified by the enemy (after a lucky combination of die rolls forced a Churchill crew to abandon their tank :) )


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