Monday, 27 May 2013

In the Emperor's Name - 3rd Edition Released

I'm happy to re-post the announcement from the Forge Of War Yahoo Group.  This a rule set well worth supporting for those interested in the 40K universe.

I'm very pleased and proud to announce that the Gamer's Edition Third Edition of In the Emperor's Name is now available to download from the ItEN website,

This edition builds on the Second Edition (released in July 2011) with enhancements to almost every part of the core rules. It updates and revises some of the core game mechanics such as the points calculation formula, and introduces a new Equipment system.

The Gamer's Edition has the same clean and simple layout as the First and Second Editions, with all new cover artwork from Joe Urban.

In the near future we will be releasing updated editions of the Retinue List and Campaigns Book. In the meantime, the online Retinue Builder can be used to manage and update retinue lists.

Once these are released, we'll start work on the Gold Edition of ItEN, which will feature full-colour artwork and fan fiction submitted by the community on the ItEN forum.

ItEN is the work of many enthusiastic gamers, who are listed in the Credits section at the front of the book, but particular thanks go to:
* Craig, our benevolent dictator
* Joe for has fantastic artwork
* Pascal for his enthusiastic advice and suggestions

The Emperor Protects!

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