Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Move Of House

Well, since I last posted the Vulture family has moved house and relocated 150 miles north in York.  Unsurprisingly not a stress free experience, but one that we have lived through.  Frantic packing paid off, because the removal van was absolutely chock full.  It's one of the only occasions I can think of where having my old CCKW truck has saved us money, for without using that the removals firm would have had to employ a second van and a couple of extra guys.  Help has been provided in the shape of my brother Bruce who did a dash over from Crewe for a day to help us assemble three new wardrobes and an old friend Theo Street who spent a couple days boarding out the centre area of the house loft for storage, sorting out a dodgy water-damaged floor in a bedroom, and reinforcing the garage loft.  The loft activity was essential as the garage gas been (and still is to a degree) full of boxes of my gaming gear !! :)  Anyway, after 4 days hard work we managed to get the house into a respectable enough shape to host my in-laws on X-Mas day.  A pleasant day it was as well, with a bit of PC gaming thrown in in the evening as Mike (brother-in-law), Alex and I took on the AI in a satisfying 'Dawn of War' PC bash.  


Don M said...

Glad the move went without incident! Happy your settled in (more or less) As I've made a few dozen moves myself in the US and around the planet I know how bad they can be! Merry Christmas and all the best in the New year!

Vulture said...

Hi Don
No doubt that moving house is an expensive, fraught and time-consuming activity, both before and after the move ! This is our 3rd move whilst we have been married, and the most difficult thus far. I don't envy you having done it a dozen times !
Hope you had a good X-Mas, and that 2013 is a prosperous one for you and your family.