Friday, 14 December 2012

Blog Photo Problems

I posted back on 5 Oct 2012 that the photo-sharing web site Webshots had been taken over, and was become Smile.  This is a massive problem for people like myself who had many photos linked from that site to Blogs. I'm now using Picasa and I've managed to get all the truck photos sorted for my UK CCKW Photo Blog, but it took hours and hours and hours.  The 1st Dec has now passed and all the photos linked on this Blog back to the old webshots site have been severed.  This has screwed up hundreds and hundreds of posts on this Blog and massively pissed me off.  Over the coming months I shall try and re-establish things (deep sigh), but what this whole experience has taught me is:
1.  Don't trust companies to look after your photo collections.
2.  Use the biggest company you can find.  They are less likely to go under.
3.  Don't add photos to the Blog from multiple folder locations, just have them stored in the one.  If necessary duplicate the photos up. That way its so much easier to re-build things if the company you use do screw you over.

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