Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Picture Of The Week - No 9 - Orc Nob who was MIA found alive and well !

You what it’s like, you have a favoured figure that you like to use in some games. He should be safely tucked away ready use, but when you open the box he’s not there…
Years ago when I lived back in Harrogate and I used to play quite a bit of Space Crusade, White Dwarf No 134 came out and gave the stats for some ‘alternative’ teams. Suitably inspired I visited my local GW shop picked up some 40k orcs and generated an 12 strong Orc Mob to use in place of the standard Space Marine 5 man squad. Individually (apart from the Orc Nob) they don’t have the staying power of Space Marines as their armour is less, but they do have the advantage of numbers and if you use the Freebooter and Frag Stikkbombz equipment cards, they have some real firepower. Anyway, getting back to the story, I keep the mob in their own plastic box tucked away with the rest of the Space Crusade gear but a couple of years back the Orc Nob went MIA and for the life of me I haven’t been able to recall what I’d done with him. Chatting with Alex at the weekend I suggested to him that we I dig out of my loft the old classic GW game Blood Bowl and I’ll try and teach him it. Opening up the associated storage box to show him the selection of teams I’ve collected and low and behold who should turn up, but my missing Orc Nob who I now vaguely recall using in my Savage Orc team when they had a outing some years back. Anyway, so all’s well that ends well :)-


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