Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Hitler's Atlantic Wall: Should France preserve it?

Sections of Hitler's Atlantic Wall are being restored by French enthusiasts. But should the Nazi fortification be fully embraced as part of the country's heritage ? Check out the BBC web site for an interesting article on this. Link



Dan said...

imagine if the Britons had decided to tare down Hadrians wall? history should be preserved wherever possible.

Don M said...

In full agreement history should always be saved !

Ramzan Weynon said...

Funny you'd mention Hadrian's Wall. I was just watching a film, The Eagle, and the main characters pass through it in the movie.

Aye, I agree. Regardless of who built it; history need be kept.

Fjodin said...

Absolutely agreed with Dan

The Lord of Excess said...

Indeed no better point than what Dan said about Hadrians wall. The German built coastal defenses should be preserved in the same way the death camps should be preserved. If for no other reason it is a reminder to humanity.