Monday, 5 September 2011

Busy Weekend On The Military Truck

Since my last posting about the CCKW 352 on 26 Aug, this last weekend has been quite a productive one on it. I picked up the overhauled Generator and Regulator and refitted them (and the battery is now charging), fitted a new front brake hose (not without some stress it has to be said), and started on a refresh of the paintwork. I'd counted six different shades of grey on the truck and parts of it looked a real mess, so I invested in 5 Litres of RAL 7040 Grey paint from Ketts Autopaints in Peterbrough (which cost a small fortune) and we set to work on Saturday with a small roller and paint brushes. I've still a few bits to do, but overall I'm very happy with the results thus far.



Matt D said...

Looking good. Nothing like having a big toy to go with the little ones.

Snake said...

Weren't you going to paint it green or is this just a temporary fix?

Vulture said...

Yep, quite a big toy this one. My drive is developing noticeable depression in it now ! LOL

Vulture said...

Not totally sure that I will keep Grey in the long-term, but for the moment I want it looking reasonably smart.