Saturday, 20 February 2010

New Dropship Enters Service

This last week I've been doing a quick re-paint job on what is quite a large transport craft (for 15mm gaming). Here's a couple of photos of some of my troops disembarking :) You might recognize it...
From Wargaming BLOG Photos



Eli Arndt said...

Wow, that works amazingly well!

Kobold said...

Thunderbirds are go!

Great shot - are those Laserburn Imperial Dreadnought Armour troops in the foreground?

Vulture said...

Yes they are, well spotted.
I just love that range, they so look the business !

neil cooper said...

nice one Ian, i like the idea of using various sci- fi toys and other models and 'fitting' them/ modifying for use in 15mm, also this type of thing is fine given the flexibility of Beamstrike rules.
Look forward to seeing the final modified/ painted craft.

CWT said...

Is that Thunderbird 2?

I remember when a yellow-painted bulldozer was all that came out of that thing - it looks significantly more tooled-up and 'angry' nowadays!


Peabody said...

You are a lucky man to be able to field one of those!
Love the re-paint.
How did you find her? Ebay?

Vulture said...

Originally he was bought for my son, probably about 5 years ago. I'm afraid I can't remember where from.