Sunday, 21 June 2009

Duxford Military Vehicle Show - Fathers Day

Attended the Duxford Military Vehicle Show today with my son Alex. Had a great time this afternoon browsing the exhibits and getting a good look at their vehicles. A great fathers day all in all :)
I've uploaded some of the vehicle photos I took, which can be viewed here. The most interesting thing for me was seeing their SU100 in action. Here's some video I took.



BigLee said...

Cool video. Me like tanks.

mobitronia said...

Father's day is an interesting event for daddies! I washed his car as a gift. =)

Anonymous said...

I exhibited my Royal Enfield 350 WD/CO for the first time on Sunday. You just caught me in your first photo of the calvalcade behind the six-wheeler (White helmet, black visor). Was a great day out.