Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Press Release - GZG V15-57A Reports For Duty - STOP MOTION MOVIE

Bloggers Interplanetary Buzzer Service reports that one of the latest vehicles out of the GZG production facilities, the V15-57A (Nickname: 'Ridgeback') has entered service with the 667th (Heavy) Assault Brigade. Shipped to the Vulture's Roost in its (4) component parts, final assembly was conducted in the 667th vehicle workshops. After a short shake-down trial which included a full test of the weapon systems, the vehicle was formally handed over to the 1st Battalion 3rd Mech company. "This vehicle armed as it is with the Long Range 'Nutcracker' Missile will be used in role of Heavy Weight Sniper, neutralising enemy armour beyond normal projectile engagement ranges", explained a delighted Major Wadkins. "The lads can't wait to try it out !"

Beamstrike Rules Stat Information:

Description: Anti-Grav Heavy ATGW.
Vehicle Category: Heavy Tank
Armour - Front: VH-VA
Armour - Side: M-VA
Armour - Rear: VL-VA
Propulsion: Grav
Crew: 2
Weapons - Hull: ATGW.
Auto-Defence: Yes
Sensor 1: MAD
Smoke Dispensors: Yes
Shielding: ES & PS
Points Total: 236


Mark said...

Nice one Ian. Really well put together.


Eli Arndt said...

A very clever presentation. Nice looking model and paint job there.

Daniel said...

Nice use of real video and table top. Good Job!


J Womack, Esq. said...

What a cool idea. I've never thought of doing stop-motion animation for a quick gaming video.

Now i just need to get my son's stop-motion camera out and get to it, what?


His Excellency said...

Great little report Ian!

Bill said...

Very nice Ian!

Vulture said...

Glad you liked it guys :)

I plan to make a few more over the coming months.



Bunkermeister said...

Great posting, very cool. I like sci fi gaming, so many options.

Mike "Bunkermeister" Creek

Vulture said...

Yes, that is certainly one of the attractions of 15mm for me.