Sunday, 15 February 2009

Hammerhead Wargames Show

I attended the Hammerhead - Fantasy, Science-Fiction and Historical Wargames Show today. This was staged by the Chesterfield Open Gaming Society (COGS), and was held in Kelham Hall, near Newark in the UK.

As normal it was an excellent show with a good selection of trade stalls and games. I was putting on a Aliens participation game using a combination of Old Crow 'Tech Tunnel' scenery and Copplestone Castings Future War figures with my old 'home brewed' rules. Managed to get two games run. In the first it all went horribly wrong for the Marines and only 3 out of the party of 8 made it out alive. In the second game there was only 1 fatality however.

Spent a chunk of cash on buying one of each of the new vehicle releases from GZG that Mark announced in his excellent Dropship Horizion blog on 13 Feb. Hadn't planned to, but in the end just could resist them ! I'll post some pictures of them in the future once their assembled. Also picked up rather a nice pice of resin terrain made by a company called TSS. A small lake / pond that will do eqally well for 15mm and 25mm.

Anyway, here's the photos and a couple very short vids I took at the show.

HAMMERHEAD Wargames Show


Eli Arndt said...

I know how such temptation can be. The last Con I went to locally, I planned to spend nothing at the dealers room and came out with over $100 in assorted pulpy figs and some lovely Native American scenery (see the March/April 2008 posts on my blog if you want to see the long house).

Noel Vh said...

It has been years since my last con, so seeing it from your blog makes me want to get to one soon.