Sunday, 13 May 2018

WHAT A TANKER! - PzKpfw II Ausf L "Luchs"

These last 5 weeks we've been playing What A Tanker! (WaT) at the club.  Thus far I've had a PIIIM destroyed along with its crew.  I then fought with a Marder IIIM, switched to StugIIF, then switched again into a PII Aust L 'Lynx'.  Sadly it got destroyed by a an M10 along with the crew, but I liked using the vehicle, so I came back into the campaign with another one and a new crew.  In 20mm scale they are quite a rare model, so I've ended up buying a resin Milicast resin one (not cheap).  It arrived yesterday (very quick service) and I'm assembling it this weekend.

Here's a great video I found of a restored one :)



Phil Curran said...

Dinky little things aren't they. there is one at Bovington Camp Tank Museaum. I doubt I could fit my portly 6'3" frame into one.

Vulture said...

I saw it myself some years back, yes quite small. That tank would look excellent parked on my drive ! :)
On the same visit I tried getting into the sectioned Panzer MkIII they have, and almost got myself jammed in there (and I'm only 5' 10"). Fitting 5 guys into such a small tank must have been a right challenge, they must have all been less than 5' 5" I reckon.