Sunday, 7 May 2017

Stargrunt II - 15mm Sci-Fi - 'Supply Column Hit'

Played a game of 15mm sci-fi using the Stargrunt II rules at the club on Thursday night, our fourth SG2 game in a row.  This was a follow-on to a game the previous week (one that I've yet to add to the blog).

Planet:                  Rimstone
Location:              Outer Periphery
Date:                     Terra Year 2250 May 4th 
Scenario Name:    'Supply Column Hit'

Scenario Setting:
Battlegroup Elwen having failed last week to secure Ambassador Lauralie from a downed dropship have been re-tasked to convoy duties.  Task Force Ludlam has been given the mission to intercept them… 

Table Set Up
Lightly wooded terrain with a road running north to south.  Small village to the west.

Task Force Ludlam

Intelligence have determined the route for a re-supply convoy belonging to Battlegroup Elwen.

Your Mission:
Ambush the convoy.  Destroy at least half the vehicles and secure a least 1 prisoner.    

Forces At Your Disposal:
Light Infantry Platoon – Veterans (4 squads of 6 men in each  (1 x SAW, 4  x Low Tech Assault Rifle + GL, 1 x MAR)).

Special Equipment:
1.            Enough (dumb) mines for a strip 4” long.
2.            Electronic stealth cloaks.  Troops completely hidden when dug-in underneath them.  Discarded once that element fires/moves.
3.            Specialist ECM Operator (2 chits per turn).

Mines can be placed where ever you want.
Troops can be placed where ever you want (and can be dug-in).

Battlegroup Elwen

After recent combat activity you have been assigned a less onerous task.  You are tasked to escort the re-supply convoy from 'Firebase Alpha B’ to ‘Strong Point Dredd’.  No enemy activity has been reported in this sector.  This is a ‘safe route’.

Your Mission:
One of the soft skins is carrying valuable fuel rods for grav vehicles.  This vehicle must make it off the north table edge.

Forces At Your Disposal:
Light Infantry Platoon – Regular (4 squads of 6 men in each  (5  x Low Tech Assault Rifle + GL, 1 x IAVR or SAW)
2 x 4 wheel high mobility scouts, 4 x Low & High Tech Grav APCs, 1 x Low Tech Grav Sled with Rocket Pack (no ammo), 2 x military trucks, 1 x Piranha APC, 2 x Hover sleds (unarmed and unarmoured).

Special Equipment:
One of the trucks is a HQ vehicle with some ECM capability (1 chit per turn).

Enter the sector from the South and exit on the North.  Vehicles are in column.

Umpire Notes:
The missions for both sides were not known until after the game.
Ludlum had intel and knew the strength and composition of the Elwenian forces.  They by contrast knew nothing about the ambush forces.
Elwen secretly picked the vehicle to carry the fuel rods.
The convoy vehicle sequence had to be decided before the game started,
The convoy could not depart the road until the ambush was triggered.
Vehicle convoy spacing was 10". 

Pictures From The Game

Ludlam's troops spring their ambush knocking out the head of the Elwelian column.

Game Result
After an entertaining game, Task Force Ludlam managed to (just) grab a victory by achieving their victory conditions.


Don M said...

Ian it looks like your really getting the hang of SGII! Great system isn't it?

Vulture said...

Indeed it is :) Inspired to dive back into 15mm sci-fi after a break of 6 months or so. Bought some more figs and vehicles as well... LOL

Sean Gewecke said...

Looks like a fun game and interesting scenario. Your models and table look great. Thanks for sharing.

Paul O'G said...

I haven't played SGII for about 20 years - great game and we had a big club campaign going.

Table looks awesome too. Most inspiring
I particularly like those Grave vehicles: who makes those?

Vulture said...

Paul, all the Grav vehicles are made by GZG with the exception of the two small ones, which are made by Old Crow (I think) :)

Alan M said...

It's been a while since I've played Stargrunt, great system!

Vulture said...

Getting well into the rules, quite inspired by them. Can't wait to have another game. Been and bought some new fig to use as well! LOL When painted I'll post some pics.

Phil said...

Awesome pictures, this game looks fantastic!! Wonderful terrain and minis...

Five Alpha said...

Nice game and pictures.

Vulture said...

Thanks Phil and Five Alpha :)