Monday, 24 April 2017

Flames Of War Cold War

10mm Flames of War Cold War is being played on a regular basis at our club at the moment, even joined in a game myself recently.  Here's a few pictures from the last two games :)   (None of the vehicles or terrain belong to me)
 photo 2017-04-13___23-35-46___Reduced_zpskffyvwga.jpg
 photo 2017-04-06 22.00.07_zpsi9hhtt9x.jpg
 photo 2017-04-06 22.00.40_zpsxinyssu7.jpg
 photo 2017-04-06 21.59.43_zps9uvqaopt.jpg
 photo 2017-04-06 21.59.30_zpsn2s68tk5.jpg
 photo 2017-04-06 21.59.14_zpskhoti6kg.jpg
 photo 2017-04-13___23-34-48___Reduced_zpsuaarlui2.jpg
 photo 2017-04-13___23-34-59___Reduced_zpszekemf0y.jpg
My general observation is that 10mm is a great scale for this set of rules.  15mm I'm afraid just looks like a tank park IMHO (apologies to those purists offended by such heretic thoughts... :) ).


commissarmoody said...

We decided on the same thing over in my neck of the woods also. 10mm is where its at.

Don M said...

10mm does look more realistic ! I have way too many 15s....just have to get a bigger table ....)

Barks said...

That looks great!

Vulture said...


Andrew Bruce said...

Very nice indeed

Take care