Friday, 19 February 2016


One of the readers of my Blog (Hi JJ) has asked for more pictures of Orcs.  Happy to oblige here's a series of pics from Sep 2015 when I got the entire army out for a look over.  This was in preparation for seperating about a 3rd out for use with the Dragon Rampant rules gaming I was expecting in Dec 2015.  I realised that I had been a bit slack with putting the effort into getting a lot of the units up to satisfactory standard of painting and basing.  Thus proved to be a useful spur and since then I've done a lot more work on them painting wise.

Orc Wold rider, made By Irregular.  Casting is incredibly rough.  Can't find the enthusiasm to put any paint on them.

Warlord and the 4 wolves that pull this had gone wandering off...  (subsequently found them)



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